“It is hard to get comfortable people to do anything when it might cost them their comfort.”
— Trickster’s Queen, Tamora Pierce
“You asked me why the king doesn’t just call on the gods for help with Scanra. We mustn’t get too dependent on the gods. On the day before King Jonathan’s coronation, the Great Mother Goddess spoke of a crossroads in time, when not even the gods can predict how things might go. At such times they must step away and let us deal with things. It’s a blessing, in a way. It evens the balance and saves us mortals from being the gods’ puppets. Still, it’s hard to think of it as a blessing when you’re frightened, you don’t know why, and all you want is for the god to tell you what the bad thing is so you can hunt it down and kill it.”
—  Trickster’s Choice, Tamora Pierce

This passage jumped out at me after the recent episode of Doctor Who- Kill the Moon.  As nice as it is to have The Doctor make the decisions and often save the earth, it’s even nicer when a human does so.  

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The events of Trickster’s Queen from the viewpoint of George and Alanna

I noticed something while reading Terrier again. There is such a wide variety of characters and reactions throughout Tamora Pierce’s books, it’s fascinating to me when I notice the little differences between them. When Beka goes to visit her family after her first week as a Dog, her sisters are uncomfortable and embarrassed around her. This is despite the fact that women are half of the Provost’s Guard, showing that is is a perfectly acceptable line of work for woman. Also, I doubt there is another house in all of Tortall where it is more encouraged than in the house Beka and her family were raised in. Yet, Diona and Lorrine are uncomfortable with Beka, don’t defend her when others belittle her, and argue with her about it later.

Now, think about Kel’s sisters. We only see them once or twice throughout the entire series, but they are (unobtrusively and unconditionally) supportive of Kel. When surprised by her presence, in a situation where it would be detrimental, they do not blame Kel. They explain why it’s a bad situation, blame the bigots entirely, and are even apologetic. When a nearby noblewoman makes nasty comments, they instantly come to Kel’s defense. The narration often mentions unkind comments to Kel from the women of her family, but it’s never her sisters, it the sisters-in-law. It even appears that her sisters plan revenge on her antagonizer. All this is in spite of the fact that Kel is bucking societal norms and many, if not most, of society is disparaging her.

Three cheers for the ladies of Mindelan, each and every one.


Hasfush, before the building of the Lower City.   [x]

“Try not to make it a matter for the Dogs,” Ersken told him. “Friendly is always best.”

Rosto gave Ersken a grin that was all teeth. “I’m the friendliest cove around, Westover,” he said. “Ask anyone.”

"Living,” Aniki murmured.

— Bloodhound - Tamora Pierce

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Pounce drags Beka into the affairs of stars and constellations.


"Who needs handsome idiots when we can have kitties?" -Aniki

Beka Cooper

Aniki needs more love.