"My favorite class is mathematics." -Keladry of Mindelan

"I need help with mathematics," Seaver told Kel, his dark eyes meeting hers  squarely.  "Would you mind?"

Guys can we talk about how Kel likes/is good at math?

Reason #1,000 I wish I had read these books as a kid.

….I’m gonna make that list.


Quick warmup sketch of Neal haha
Left the sketch lines underneath cos it didn’t look quite the same without them. But anyway.

Nealan of Queenscove (c) Tamora Pierce

“"Some people are cocky ever since they killed a whole centaur," Lerant remarked to the air.”
— Tamora Pierce, Squire (via westandabsurb)

Prompt #166 (by euribear)


The princess from the war-torn realm of Jindazhen (the land west of the Yamani Islands, based on China, as briefly mentioned in Page) escapes to Tortall to find a new life.

Reason #2 of many I wish I had read Tamora Pierce’s books as a child


This is a hard one: representation of LGBT characters as normal and human. 

Growing up, I went to a very conservative Christian camp.  There, I was exposed to what I now know to be hateful untruths about the LGBT community, and at home, there was only silence on the subject.  These were the only two attitudes to which I was exposed.

When I went to college, and interacted with LGBT individuals and met gay couples, I was able to recognize that the attitude I had been indoctrinated into believing simply did not match the reality I observed.  There was normalcy, dignity, and affection where I had been assured there was only deviance, shame, and lust.  (Which is not to say that lust doesn’t have its place in the world, amIright?)

I wish I had the opportunity as a child to observe in literature what I observed in life as a young adult.  I like to believe that I could have come to a clearer understanding of people earlier in life.

And I wish that because, holding those ill-informed, hateful notions for so many years, it seems unlikely that I never said anything hurtful.  I can’t think of a time that I did, but just because I may not have been able to recognize LGBT individuals around me, that certainly doesn’t mean they weren’t there.  And I’m sure, believing what I did, I wouldn’t be able to recognize anything I would have to say on the subject as pure ignorance and misinformation. 

"What you said about Garvey and Joren—it’s not an insult in Yaman.  Some men prefer other men.  Some women prefer other women." -Kel

Just that simple, direct statement.

“Faleron threw down his brush and went for the other boy. Sore shoulder or no, Kel flew out of
the stall. She caught Faleron just a foot from the sneering Garvey and hung on to him, putting all
of her weight into it.
The older boy fought her grip. “Gods curse it, Kel, you heard what he said!”
“I heard a fart,” Kel said grimly. “You know where those come from. Let it go.””
— Page,protector of the small (via elinatl)


Really gross limericks. And they barely even rhyme.

Seriously, though, dolphins can be total jerks.

Yeah, I know, I can’t seem to stop drawing Daine and Numair. But when one character can talk to animals and the other is an all-powerful wizard, and they’re both brilliant heroic dorks who frequently find themselves surrounded by adorable fluffy animals (and a dragon) …


An overdue request from deviantArt, from a scene from Emperor Mage, by Tamora Pierce. Got a lot of details wrong, but oh well.

Daine continued to dream after that, funny images that had little in common with the dreams she was used to… 

Guards formed a square around the Tortallans, marching them to a waiting ferry… Daine wondered at the look on Numair’s face. His nostrils and lips were white rimmed; his eyes blazed. His unfastened robe spread behind him like black wings.


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And now a brief summary of The Realms of the Gods