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Tortall Fan Cast: Queen Thayet

From the Tamora Pierce Wiki: Thayet is often described as one of the most beautiful women in existence. In 439 HE she is described as having creamy ivory skin, jet black hair and hazel eyes. Her face, and particularly her nose, is described as strong-boned, with even brows and a naturally red mouth.

*note: this is for older Thayet, as seen in The Immortals and beyond*

Holly picks Morena Baccarin (I know she looks nothing like my pick for Younger Thayet, but this is my fan cast and Morena is the most stunning woman ever.)

Amanda picks Karina Lombard

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    Oh my god, Karina Lombard is pretty much the perfect Thayet. Like, wow. I like your other other choice, too, but. Karina...
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  6. in-the-margins said: Morena Baccarin just instantly became how I picture Thayet.
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    I like Karina Lombard for this I think.
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